Our Story

Some of us are historians, others are art experts, we even have sommeliers in our stable. But we are all Storytellers. We want to weave the tales of the cities into a fascinating narrative for you, our guests.

Born across the globe, finding each other in Rome with a passion for Italy, at City Stories we want to ensure you leave with the same sense of wonder that we have for the cities we call home.  We believe that storytelling is the key to creating memorable and immersive experiences.

Our guides are not just well-versed in historical facts and figures; they are masters of the art of storytelling. With passion in their hearts and a genuine love for what they do, they will take you on a journey through the past and present, sharing the fascinating tales, legends, and mysteries that make a city come alive.

Every city has its stories – come and discover them with us.

Our Team

Ben Messenger

Director of Excellence & Historian

Blaine Brown

People Person & Sommelier

Ivana Stockholm

The Art Expert & Multi-Linguist

Ryan Coombes

Behind The Scenes & Business Guru