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Data Regulations

This legislation describes the information we process through Amusemax, how we use it and your rights.

I. Data Controller

The data controller of data collected is Amusemax, located in Via Fonte Buono 93, Rome, Italy, 00142. You can contact us about your data anytime at

II. What types of information do we collect?

We collect – at the time of registration – the following information, classifiable as personal data:

  • Name;
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • general data from ID such as address

III. How do we use this information?

We use the information in our possession in the manner described below to provide the services of Amusemax and our suppliers

That’s how:

  • we use your information to inform you about our initiatives;
  • we use your data to book the trip and the experiences you requested at the time of booking;
  • We are sometimes required to pass your data onto our suppliers so they can secure your name on a booking or activity.
  • we use your data to contact and provide you to provide assistance to you and update you should anything change with your booking.
  • we use your data to keep you updated, once the trip is over, on new proposals that may interest you.

IV. Is this information shared?

The data provided and their use are processed solely by Amusemax and are shared with our partners for the purpose of offering services. They are however able to use the data supplied by us within the limits established by you when purchasing the trip and / or experience.

Here is an updated list of possible partners with whom we can share your data and its purposes:

Type Purpose of the treatment Legal basis of the treatment
Hotels and restaurants: booking accommodation and meals as required by the type of service you purchased contract among user and Amusemax
O.T.A. (Online Travel Agencies): booking accommodation and meals according to the type of service you have purchased in cases where it is not possible to directly contact hotels and restaurants to book contract among user and Amusemax
Guides and tour operators: booking services contract among user and Amusemax

As part of our activities, we also use external software to improve and speed up our work.

Here is an updated list of the programs we use with the related purposes.

Software Final usage
Dropbox Business: Retention of your data to enable us to make the necessary reservations.
Google Suite: Management and sharing of documents in the team & emails
Freshdesk: Management of your requests during the trip (ticketing)
Zapier: It allows us to manage the booking service for trips and / or services that interest you
Stripe: Manage the payment phase of your bookings
Asana: Allowing us to manage our workload better.
Mailchimp Automated management of the newsletter
Bokun Manage our bookings

Some data, in aggregate and anonymous form, are used for statistical purposes and can be shared with Amusemax and client institutions.

We may share information with law enforcement or in response to legal requests when it is ordered by law or ordered by a magistrate through a specific provision with legal and mandatory value against Amusemax

V. What are our bases for data processing?

We collect, use and share the data in our possession in the manner described above:

  • As required to comply with the Terms of Use of Amusemax (legal basis of processing: Contract);
  • In a manner consistent with the consent granted, which may be revoked at any time by sending a request to the Data Controller by email at the address
  • As necessary to comply with our legal obligations
  • As necessary for the public interest.

VI. How can you exercise your rights?

In the event of a data breach (illegal access to user data by unauthorised third parties), Amusemax will inform all clients within 2 business days of the occurrence, in any case and independently of the data theft

VII. How to exercise the right to be forgotten, to partial cancellation and the free portability of the data?

Users can request cancellation, in whole or in part, of their personal data at any time by directly contacting the data controller.

It is possible to request cancellation by sending an email to the address in the following cases:

  • If the user legitimately opposes the processing.
  • After the request has been received, Amusemax undertakes to promptly process it within 2 business days, within the limits of what is technically possible.
  • The right to be forgotten can be limited only in the following cases:
  • To guarantee the exercise of freedom of expression or the right to defence in court
  • To protect a general interest
  • When the data, rendered anonymous, are necessary for historical research or for statistical or scientific purposes

Users can also request, via email to the address, the transfer and use of their personal data to another data controller who performs the same service as Amusemax.

VIII. How and for how long are user data stored?

User data is stored on proprietary databases on servers located in Italy and the US.

The characteristics and certifications of the machines used guarantee maximum safety of the same and minimise the risks of violations and data breaches.

IX. How do we comply with legal requirements or avoid damage?

We access, store and share information with regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies or other entities in these cases:

  •      In response to a legal request if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to do so.
  •      If it is necessary to detect, prevent and resolve unauthorised uses of products, breaches of our conditions or regulations or other harmful or illegal activities, to protect ourselves (including our rights, property or products), including in the context of investigations or regulatory requirements or to prevent imminent deaths or physical injuries.

X. How will we inform you about changes to these regulations?

We will inform you before making changes to these regulations and will allow you to read the amended regulations before choosing whether to continue using Amusemax services. This privacy policy version was update the fifth of November 2019.

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